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Rigging and Splicing

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New mooring regulation for yacht on the french riviera

all captains must be aware, there is a new mooring regulation all along the shore of the french riviera for yachts over 20M. Be careful there are 2 documents: one for the west part from mandelieu to the airport and one from the airport to Italy. the first one applies for yachts over 24m. the … Continue reading

monaco yacht management logo

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yacht running cost mangusta 108

you will find below 3 options establishing your running costs for a Mangusta 108 for example, one of the most popular yacht in monaco. option 1: private owner & normal running costs option 2: private owner & running costs optimized option 3: private owner & luxury servic… Continue reading

enjoy the boat life

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Yacht Insurance with Monaco Yacht Management

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yacht refit or refurbishment

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Need a yacht chef ?

Understand the Superyacht Chef Work Environment The role of a chef onboard a superyacht differs from that of a hotel or restaurant chef. A head yacht chef is responsible for all the meal plans, provisioning, food preparation, cooking, as well as cleanliness of the galley. Yacht chefs on small vessels (<50m) often work on their … Continue reading

Berthing Management at Monaco Yacht Management

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Crew Hiring and Management

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